A healthy pet is a happy pet!

CBD Health Biscuits are?NAFSA Certified and THC free, providing pets with a wide variety of health benefits. Both organic and yummy, this treat will?help relax as well as calm anxious, distressed or highly-strung animals. A?delicious and healthy snack for your fur-friend.

Product Features:

  • 200g
  • CBD provides pets with the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and?relaxing?(thunder, fireworks, separation, new baby etc.) healing properties?
  • CBD treats help with pain, aches and inflammation (e.g. arthritis)
  • Aids digestive health
  • Reduces allergies, seizures and behavioural issues
  • Made with?a blend of pure lab-tested CBD extract, mixed with a cold-pressed hemp oil carrier
  • CBD?oils extracted using strict GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are ethically produced
  • 100% THC-free and causes no psychoactive effects
  • Organic hemp and CO2 extraction to ensure the purest extract


  • Cold-pressed hemp oil, CBD extract

How to use:

1 biscuit = 1mg daily dose

  • small dog = 1 per day
  • medium dog = 2 per day
  • large dog = 3 per day

***Dose is for daily health and maintenance. For chronic ailments or sickness use?Vondi’s?CBD Oil