The clearest choice to?a spotless tank!

Clean every inch of your tank, inside and out, without getting wet with this?Small Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner. This little cleaning wizard has a?scrubber that stays on the inside, a handle that stays outside, both of which are coupled by magnetic energy. Merely?move the handle side along the glass surface outside the tank and the inside scrubber follows along. Plus, it’s self-floating so it won’t sink to the bottom of the tank when separated. Made from non-toxic materials making it safe for your fishies to hang around with.

Product Features:

?? Internal and external tank cleaner
?? Strong magnets for efficient cleaning
?? Non-slip and comfortable handle
???Removes algae effectively
?? Made?from non-toxic?scratch-free materials
?? Approx. product dimensions:?7 x 3 x 6 cm