The perfect solution to keep your home wee-free!

Whether your pooch is young or getting on in age,?Pet Training Pads are an excellent tool to potty train the new addition or aid older or sickly dogs who can’t make it outdoors in time. These pads are easy to use and make clean up a cinch! Just place?on any hard floor surface around the house, and let the training pad do the rest. Plus,?they will protect your floors, absorb moisture and minimize odours.?

Product Features:

???Takes care of all?dogs, from puppies to ageing dogs

?? Aids dogs who are recovering from an illness or operation
???Eliminate cleaning time
?? No?more soiled floors and furniture?
?? Leak-proof and quick-drying

Sizes Available:?

?? Small (100pc) -?33 x 45 cm?
?? Medium (50pc) -?45 x 60 cm
?? Large (20pc) -?60 x 90 cm