?Interactive toy, feeder and teeth cleaner in one!

This Pet Squeaky Chew Toy with Suction Cup will not only keep your pooch entertained but will also keep their dental hygiene in tip-top?condition, and it will reward them for active play too! This toy is attached with?an elastic rope to a suction cup for fixed range play, so no more misplacing their favourite toy.?Made from TRP material, this toy is tough and durable, making it?bite-resistant and will assist in?effectively removing food residue. Keep your dog captivated by filling the ball with their favourite treat. As they play, their treats will?spill, and a bell will ring.?It is also an ideal toy to?reduce pet anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour.
Product Features:
???Includes a?powerful suction cup?for a fixed range play
???Keeps your dog’s teeth and gums healthy
?? Bite-resistant and durable
???Made of food-grade TPR
???Stick to a smooth?and flat surface for best results
???Approx. product dimensions: Length -?43 cm?


    *** Colours may vary according to availability