Tackles the impossible task of removing unwanted pet fur!

We love our animals but when they shed it can become a difficult task to clean. The?Pet Fur Wizard is the perfect solution.?This double-sided brush quickly and effectively picks up fur, lint and hair. It gently sweeps along any surface that requires cleaning. It includes a self-cleaning base which removes the mess from the bush. So when the?brush?is?fully?covered, dip into the base, empty the tray and dispose. Simple as that!

Product Features:

  • Includes Pet Fur Wizard, self-cleaning base, and travel size Pet Fur Wizard
  • Reusable pet hair remover with self-cleaning base?
  • Double-sided, therefore,?removes twice as fast
  • Use on upholstery?furniture, clothing, carpets, bedding or car seats
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • No refills required?