Pearly whites with every brush!

Brushing your dog?? teeth is one of the best things you can do to prevent periodontal disease. Let?Natura Pets Pet Toothpaste give your pooch that award-winning smile. Made with 100% natural materials, this toothbrush will help prevent tartar buildup, promote healthy gums and freshen your dog?? breath. Ideal for dogs and cats.

Product Features:

?? Ideal for cats and dogs
???Ensures tip-top dental health
???Gentle on your pet?? gum and enamel yet effective in cleaning their teeth
?? 100% natural biodegradable Mao bamboo?and BPA free nylon bristles

    How to use:

    Wet toothbrush and apply the toothpaste. Lift your pet?? muzzle to gently brush teeth and gums. Tip: Start with a few quick brushes of the front teeth and slowly add to the routine until you get all of their teeth.