Nothing says I love?you more than a delicious treat?

These Beeno Small Day & Night Biscuits are a?succulent 2-in-1 doggy treat. Start your fur friends morning with the bacon and egg flavour, to get him pumped for his daily activities and then wrap things up with the?honey & chamomile flavour to calm and relax him before bedtime.


?? Cereal
???Meat and animal derivatives
???Approved antioxidants

    Nutritional Information:

    • Protein – 16g/100g min
    • Fat – 2.5g/100g min
    • Moisture – 10g/100g max
    • Fibre – 3g/100g max
    • Vitamin C – 3mg/100g
    • Vitamin E- 10iu/100g
    • Plus Vitamins A, B D and Choline
    • Organic Selenium – 10mcg/100g
    • Plus Magnesium, Zinc and Iron

    Beeno is the market leader in Pets Snacks and Treats. It is well known for its high-quality range of baked biscuits with nutritional values indulgent, yet also healthy. It’s known and loved as wonderful treats or rewards for dogs but also for their nutritional benefits such as tartar control and helps maintain healthy skin and coat. These trusted, high quality, irresistible biscuit snacks are all enriched with immune boosters, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals and calcium.