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280 Autostart Pro. ‘Wind back & release’ technology for instant, cord free activation, 280 Autostart Pro offers ultra smooth spin performance with multi function LCD speedmeter, impact-resistant shell, reversible internal tracks and vibration free, 18,000rpm spin speed. Generating 0-16kg (0-35lbs) resistance, this model is perfect for all upper limb rehabilitation and/or strength building.

The gizmo works by a combination of an internal gyroscope, centrifugal force and inertia. Once you get the central ball spinning, you rotate your wrists to build up speed. The top speed possible is 15,000 rpm – though we’ve never made it past 12,000 (wimps), and it exerts the most remarkable forces on your wrist – you really feel like you’ve had an arm workout! Playing with this is an almost guaranteed crowd puller, as everyone will want a go, and be determined to beat everyone else’s highest score. It’s dead clever, needs no batteries or motor, just pure gyroscopic power and a strong arm at 15000 rpm it’s exerting almost 35lbs of pressure on your arm!

More Speed. More Power. The power is now in your hands. The faster you spin the rotor engine, the more resistance it creates inside the shell ??? progressive, powerful resistance channeling directly your fingers, hands and arms. Choose slow speeds for a soothing, therapeutic force or spin fast for a powerful muscle building resistance; Powerball offers both non-impact rehabilitation or intense strengthening, the decision is always yours to make.

Superb Build Quality. Engineered to perform. Built to last. The patented shell of your Powerball is designed and built to withstand heavy, repeated use plus the associated knocks & drops that sometimes come with exercising and workouts. We??re so confident in the build quality of our products that we offer an unconditional lifetime warranty when you buy direct from the Powerballs.com website.

Digital Display. Track your speed & time. Working out successfully requires monitoring and recording progress. With the built in Digital Speed Sensor, you can see what your peak spin speed is and strive to continually better and improve it, as well as total accumulated revolutions, real-time revolutions and accumulated revs within 30, 60 and 90 second intervals.

Ultra-Grip??? Silicone Band. Spin with comfort. With the enormous force a Powerball generates at high speeds it can be a challenge to maintain to full, firm grip. The Ultra-Grip??? silicone band ensures you maintain full, comfortable contact with the ball even at high speeds. Helping you to get maximum return from your exercise.


  • Cord-free Auto-start mechanism
  • Vibration free to 18,000rpm
  • Drop resistant ABS shell design
  • Battery-free 6-mode speed meter
  • Reversible internal tracks for enhanced lifespan
  • Generates up to 16kg/35lbs resistance
  • Weighs 265g / 9.35oz


  • Auto-Start
  • Speed Meter
  • Drop Resistant
  • 18,000rpm


  • Powerball 280 Autostart Pro
  • 6 mode battery free LCD counter
  • Instructions

Care & Maintenance: Powerball should be used and stored in a dry, dust free environment. We recommend periodically wiping down the body shell and grip band of your Powerball with a damp cloth as this will improve overall grip during use.

Powerball can be opened and cleaned if required ??? consult our ???How To?? FAQs for details. Never oil Powerball??s internal components as a single drop of oil applied to any internal part is sufficient to destroy the resistance which occurs between the moving parts inside the body shell ??? and the ball will no longer function.

Always keep a firm grip on Powerball as you spin to ensure it remains ???out of the box?? smooth for many years of operation.

Digital Display: Monitor your spin performance and strength gains with the built in digital and speed counter.

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